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Sign Your Name After You Buy Lottery Tickets


Protection should be your priority whenever you buy lottery tickets. There are a lot of people who would have tickets and win the lottery game but have different reasons why they couldn’t claim the jackpot prize at the end of the day. Whether the reason lies on the legal issues or because you lost your ticket, it can be a real disaster when you can have a huge amount but can’t claim it because of different reasons. But you could do something to prevent that and you should do something to avoid that as much as you can.


The first thing you should figure out is the legality of the games. There are lottery games that can only played in their particular states and countries. This means that if you are not living in that state, you are more likely not allowed to buy these tickets and win them. This especially goes for online lottery games offered that you need to check the legality of these games before you buy lottery tickets and play them. The more you lean on the legal games, the better it will be for you since you can make sure that once you win the games, you will not have any issue in claiming the prizes.


Claiming ownership in every ticket you buy is a must. You should be responsible about the tickets you buy and sign your name at the back of every ticket you buy. In this way, you will still have ownership over them even if you lost them. You can use a pencil but it is recommended to use a permanent ink to sign your name at the back of your tickets. Never use stamps for it won’t be accepted as your ownership. This also includes stickers. Make sure to use your complete name in a legible manner and this goes even if you buy lottery tickets online.


If you think you won the lottery and yet the terminal rejects your claim, you can always dispute for its validity and request for a review in lottery offices. This will make you feel more assured and sure whether you have won the lottery game or not.